About Parivartan

Parivartan is a manifesto of Greater Noida Catholic Youth Movement (GNCYM). Parivartan had been officially founded on 2013. With its motto “The Change Within” Parivartan tells us about the change within soul. Parivartan word means “a change” in Hindi (our National Language). Meaning itself symbolizes what our motto is which tells us about the changes which we want within ourself for the betterment of the society or the nation.

The first competitions conducted under the manifesto of Parivartan is painting competition which had held during 15th February 2013 for all the children of different schools in Greater Noida, keeping the venue as St. Joseph School, Greater Noida to know about the improvements and changes that the children want from the society or the nation with their imagination which they had seen or observed in their day to day life in the form of colours. The main purpose of this painting competition was to bring change and to make the people awake. This revolution began with the theme “Delhi Brave Girl” with which we took an initiative to bring awareness in the society. Many other competitions will also be conducted under this manifesto so that the children and youth could express their views to the society in the form of different competitions like singing, dancing, photography, painting etc.